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Making data meaningful

Numbers mean nothing without context! At SAS we understand that it is our role to provide you with the insight you need to be able make good decisions for your business. To that end, we offer tailored reports to suit you and your organisation. Gain perspective on your business at your convenience, wherever you are, with meaningful metrics, benchmarks, and a wealth of expertise on hand to help you make sense of all datapoints.

Our experienced team is dedicated to working alongside you, presenting the numbers in alignment with your expectations, with expert and actionable advice on hand at all times.

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Successfully helped achieve a multi-million
dollar sale to a large US corporation.

– Mark Kerrison
CEO of New Net Technologies (on sale to Netwrix Corporation)

We have used SAS for a number of years, including their virtual FD service, which has always proven to be reliably excellent. Following approaches from a number of potential buyers, we decided to engage with one or two in order to explore the possibility of a trade sale. A major part of the process was …

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Mark Kerrison
CEO at New Net Technologies
A refreshing change from the traditional accountancy firms I had experienced in the past.

SAS are more than your average accountancy firm

New Net Technologies (NNT) is a software product manufacturer. NNT builds and provides Cyber Security Solutions to organisations all over the world including Fortune 500 Corporations, local and central Government entities as well as Charities, and not-for-profit organisations

Selling a business involves challenges not fully appreciated until experienced, and for NNT, this meant enduring three rounds of exhaustive and high-pressure due diligence. NNT made substantial investments in their finance function with SAS, including the addition of one of our Flexible CFO’s. It was the responsibility of this team to skilfully manage expectations, offer financial guidance, and provide direction to present the business in the most appealing manner possible.

Discover how SAS successfully helped achieve a multi-million dollar sale to a large corporation.

They were also able to set up crucial accounting automation that allows us to focus our energy on selling and serving customers, rather than spending hours upon hours manually inputting data and dealing with paper receipts.

Discover our tech stack


Xero helps you manage your business and increase efficiency. Pro invoicing, automatic invoice reminders to clients, integrated payment services.

How we help with Xero


QuickBooks allows you to manage all your accounting needs, all in one place. From invoices and expenses to VAT, taxes and time tracking.

How we help with QuickBooks


Integrated with Xero and QuickBooks, making you unstoppable with the ability to document and store your receipts on the go.

How we help with Dext

Fuel your business from R&D tax credits

Get money back on your investment.
Fast forward to year 3, we now have 3 businesses in our group which SAS manage the accounting needs for and are forecasted to achieve an 8-figure turnover this year.

Your Flexible CFO for your growing business

The role of a Flexible CFO is to fill the responsibilities of a CFO without being on your payroll full-time. By having a Flexible CFO, you can increase your business’s growth, enhance your financial performance, and plan for the future.

Our Flexible CFO’s have vast experience in guiding businesses through a change or growth while assessing financial impacts. Our goal is to support you throughout the process of making those all-important financial decisions and to help you achieve maximum profitability. Our guidance will keep you on the right track, help you avoid obstacles, and lend you an extra sense of direction.

More than accountants, more of a hub of knowledge, connections and access to a range of service that can help your business flourish and scale but at the same time keeping a close eye on important areas such as tax and your bottom line.

An outsourced team that feels like an extension of your business

Experience the dynamic expansion of the SAS Virtual Finance Team, driven by cutting-edge technology that empowers us to automate numerous labour-intensive administrative tasks often overlooked by businesses.

By streamlining processes for optimal efficiency, our exceptionally skilled team can redirect their time and expertise towards delivering clients with invaluable financial insights and unwavering support in realising their business objectives.

Our services cover the following

Automation and system implementation

Accounts payable



Cashflow forecasting

Credit control


Flexible CFO

Internal management reporting

Management accounts

Payment processing



Ready to transform your business

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We help clients obtain various types of funding

Finlay & the SAS team were instrumental in securing this deal; they went above and beyond, frequently working well into the night and on weekends whilst providing a top-tier financial service with a keen commercial mindset. I’m immensely grateful for their hard work and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

– Rohan Agarwal
CEO of UniAdmissions

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