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Mark Kerrison

We have used SAS for a number of years, including their virtual FD service, which has always proven to be reliably excellent. Following approaches from a number of potential buyers, we decided to engage with one or two in order to explore the possibility of a trade sale. A major part of the process was our ability to provide timely, accurate and appropriately structured financial data in what seemed at times like an ever changing and highly demanding set of circumstances. The team at SAS under the guidance of Will stepped up to the task and not only did they deliver, but the quality of their output also proved, in my opinion, to be a major influence in the ultimate positive outcome. Of significant importance was that I always felt Will was available to me and nothing was ever too much trouble, quite the opposite in fact, he would jump to help wherever and whenever it was needed. The result was a fantastically successful trade sale at a great value with a buyer of absolutely the right shape and size to take us to the next level. I would recommend SAS to anyone who is looking for a genuinely safe and reliable pair of hands during what is always a highly pressured and critical time. In fact, I would go so far as to say that of all the professional help I have employed over the past 30 years or so, SAS were probably the best, most effective and pleasant to work with by some distance.

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