Elevating E-Commerce:
Embracing Omnichannel Success

From the highstreet to online, we support an omnichannel approach.

Soon after signing up I decided to set up my own e-commerce business. The SAS micro team were on hand from day 1 to advise on strategy for the startup, introduced us to banking partners as well as setting up our accounts package. They also were able to set up crucial accounting automations that allow us to focus our energy on selling and serving customers, rather than spending hours upon hours manually inputting data and dealing with paper receipts.

Making data meaningful

See the specifics of your business, whenever, wherever and however you want.
Bespoke reports, non-financial metrics, benchmarking and more at your fingertips.
Our expert team will process your data, reflect it how you want and advise you on what to do with it.

Peace of mind to have a reasonable single monthly fee that covered our needs which eliminated large bills at year end.

E-Commerce Solutions

Can talk about e-commerce here perhaps mentioning that monthly fees and knowing what is going out each month allows you more time to focus on making more profit for your e-commerce business

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Supporting you from Ad Spend to Zero Rated VAT

Our Virtual Finance Team will support you at every step, through our comprehensive finance packages.

Fast forward to year 3, now have 3 businesses in our group which SAS manage the accounting needs for and are forecasted to achieve an 8 figure turnover this year.

Cloud-based technology to help transform your business

Our passion for technology is a huge asset in the retail industry, a sector that is seeing significant benefits from cloud technology. We’ve seen start-up businesses benefit from the relatively low-cost point of sale and e-commerce platforms that have transformed the way small retailers do business.

SAS are more than accountants, more of a hub of knowledge, connections and access to a range of service that can help your business flourish and scale but at the same time keeping a close eye on important areas such as tax and your bottom line.

The right package for you

With a glut of software providers entering the marketplace, we offer clients the expertise to source the right package, based on their individual business requirements.

We have extensive experience as retail accountants, and our ability to translate business plans into achievable financial forecasts has helped numerous businesses obtain the funding needed to achieve growth.

Ready to transform your business

Contact us today to learn more about our customised plans to help grow your business.

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