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Driving Financial Success in the Tech Fast Lane.

Innovative and specialist digital accounting, advisory and bookkeeping service for fast-growth tech companies.

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A young and dynamic, fast-growth firm

With access to game-changing technology and deep sector knowledge, we specialise in accounting for SaaS, Technology, Gaming & E-commerce Businesses.


of ARR and growing


In debt and equity fundraising


in tax incentives

They also were able to set up crucial accounting automations that allow us to focus our energy on selling and serving customers, rather than spending hours upon hours manually inputting data and dealing with paper receipts.

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Xero helps you manage your business and increase efficiency. Pro invoicing, automatic invoice reminders to clients, integrated payment services.

How we help with Xero


QuickBooks allows you to manage all your accounting needs, all in one place. From invoices and expenses to VAT, taxes and time tracking.

How we help with QuickBooks


Integrated with Xero and QuickBooks, making you unstoppable with the ability to document and store your receipts on the go.

How we help with Dext

Working closely with clients to help maximise profits

Over the years we’ve developed a sound understanding of the technology industry, having worked with all kinds of businesses in the sector, ranging from software developers to hardware manufacturers.

In an industry that is increasingly built around subscription models and service contracts, we recognise the importance of revenue recognition and work closely with our clients to ensure profits are maximised. This is particularly critical for those business owners looking to exit, as the earnings multiples can often be significant.

Helping businesses invest and grow

Where recurring revenue is present, we ensure clients have sufficient financial controls and systems in place to capture all revenue. We also assist clients with credit control, making sure cash is received in good time to allow businesses to invest and grow.

In an industry where innovation is rife, our close relationships with clients and detailed knowledge of Research & Development tax credits has helped clients unlock huge amounts of cash from this generous tax incentive. In fact, it is not uncommon for highly profitable IT businesses to pay no corporation tax year on year, through claiming R&D tax credits.

Mergers and Acquisitions

When it comes to Mergers and Acquisitions activity, it doesn’t get much more exciting than in the Technology sector. Find out about how our team of tech-industry experts have helped shareholders exit their fast-growth businesses.

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‘We engaged with SAS as we were seeking investment in the business and the team were able to clearly communicate the value they would bring to the M&A process. They did not disappoint, with their excellent industry knowledge and quick grasp of the key financial information allowing us to work collaboratively to maximise the business valuation’


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Unlock the potential of your business! Elevate your financial strategy, optimise investments, and secure the funding needed for success.

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