Corporate Finance

“Finlay & the SAS team were instrumental in securing this deal; they went above and beyond, frequently working well into the night and on weekends whilst providing a top-tier financial service with a keen commercial mindset.”

Ensuring shareholders extract maximum value

You’ve already built your company from scratch, and now you’re ready to keep on growing, plan your succession, or even sell the business. It’s at this point that it’s even more vital to have a team of professional accountants to help you achieve your goals.

We’re focused on developing your business at all stages of its lifecycle, and ensuring that shareholders realise the maximum value from their business interests. This is why we offer a range of corporate finance services to help clients continue to expand and prosper.

With an extensive network of contacts, combined with an unrivalled determination and enthusiasm to support clients, we have built an impressive track record of delivering impressive results over and over again.

Know your finance options

When your company requires further investment, it’s critical to know what your financing options are. We’ll examine your particular circumstances, then advise on the most suitable options available in the market.

We’re excellently positioned to get you the best possible deals on various types of loans. Through our extensive network of contacts at commercial lenders, clients often turn to us to help obtain funding to facilitate growth. Where debt funding isn’t appropriate, we can also introduce clients to private investors and alternative sources of capital.

Keeping your best interests in mind

Having advised clients on successful mergers and acquisitions, we can assist with the due diligence process and ensure that our client’s best interests are kept in mind. Our tax expertise is also valuable when businesses are looking to restructure their organisations through investment/divestment.

For business owners looking to exit their business, we’re perfectly positioned to assist with an exit strategy that can extract maximum value from the process. We also offer a reliable asset valuation service too, which can help manage expectations from any company sale.

“We have used SAS for a number of years, including their virtual FD service, which has always proven to be reliably excellent.

Following approaches from a number of potential buyers, we decided to engage with one or two in order to explore the possibility of a trade sale. A major part of the process was our ability to provide timely, accurate and appropriately structured financial data in what seemed at times like an ever changing and highly demanding set of circumstances.

The team at SAS under the guidance of Will stepped up to the task and not only did they deliver, the quality of their output proved, in my opinion, to be a major influence in the ultimate positive outcome.

Of significant importance was that I always felt Will was available to me and nothing was ever too much trouble, quite the opposite in fact, he would jump to help wherever and whenever it was needed.

The result was a fantastically successful trade sale at a great value with a buyer of absolutely the right shape and size to take us to the next level.

I would recommend SAS to anyone who is looking for a genuinely safe and reliable pair of hands during what is always a highly pressured and critical time. In fact, I would go so far as to say that of all the professional help I have employed over the past 30 years or so, SAS were probably the best, most effective and pleasant to work with by some distance.”

Mark Kerrison
New Net Technologies Co-Founder (On sale to Netwrix Corporation)
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