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Corporate finance

Working with entrepreneurial businesses is always exciting. You’ve already built your company from scratch, and now you’re ready to keep on growing. That’s when it’s vital to have a team of professional accountants to help you achieve your goals. We’re focused on developing your business, which is why we offer a range of corporate finance services to help clients continue to expand and prosper.

Know your finance options

When your company requires further investment, it’s critical to know what your financing options are. We’ll examine your particular circumstances, then advise on the most suitable options available in the market.

We’re excellently positioned to get you the best possible deals on various types of loans. Through our extensive network of contacts at commercial lenders, clients often turn to us to help obtain funding to facilitate growth. Where debt funding isn’t appropriate, we can also introduce clients to private investors and alternative sources of capital.

Keeping your best interests in mind

Having advised clients on successful mergers and acquisitions, we can assist with the due diligence process and ensure that our client’s best interests are kept in mind. Our tax expertise is also valuable when businesses are looking to restructure their organisations through investment/divestment.

For business owners looking to exit their business, we’re perfectly positioned to assist with an exit strategy that can extract maximum value from the process. We also we offer a reliable asset valuation service too, which can help manage expectations from any company sale.

Corporate Finance

Recommendation on suitable business financing options

Introductions to our network of trusted commercial lenders

Commercial due diligence

Advice on corporate acquisitions and divestment

Robust company asset valuations

Tax efficient company formation and exit strategies

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