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Case Study

SSA Group are a specialised global recruitment agency with offices in the UK, Ireland, North America, Australia and the Middle East. They specialise in white-collar construction recruitment.

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Where it started

Due to its global reach, SSA Group has consistently faced a need for compliance services across multiple jurisdictions. However, a noticeable disconnect was identified between its local accounting partners. This lack of cross-border communication resulted in inefficiencies and inconsistencies among entities, prompting the need for a solution. The SSA Group were seeking a service provider with the expertise and agility to provide financial oversight across the entire group. The goal being to allow each Managing Director to concentrate on growing their business, confident that the financial aspects are well-managed.

Why they chose SAS

SAS had been SSA's UK accounting compliance partner for an extended period. The high degree of trust was built upon longstanding relationships with the SAS leadership team. Their approach and level of service consistently matched SSA's standards, leaving no doubt that SAS were the most suitable partner to deliver the required services.

The challenge

SSA were in pursuit of a global accounting partner that could provide oversight to their businesses in each region they operate, while retaining a personalised touch. Not only that, but SSA wanted an accounting partner that understood recruitment and could support them in driving financial results.

The SAS approach

SAS’s virtual finance function operates seamlessly across the entire group, providing management with timely insights and robust financial controls. This not only ensures clarity for everyone involved but also fuels the ability to actively track the performance of individual units. This dynamic approach consistently drives the organisation toward greater operational efficiencies.

The results

The accounting function is delivered in a consistent manner across the whole group; management knows where they stand, and the result is that they can monitor the performance of individual units to drive further efficiencies in their operations. SAS found the balance between offering a global solution, which is tailored to each individual business unit’s needs. After a gradual introduction to each region, they have been able to deliver immediate results, which is nothing short of impressive.
We've worked with SAS for 8 years and I can confidently say they've exceeded our expectations. Their proactive approach, diligence and financial expertise have allowed us to focus on building our business, knowing our finances are in safe hands. The tailored reporting they provide, alongside an in-depth knowledge of the recruitment industry, have been invaluable across the whole group. I would highly recommend SAS to any recruitment business that is serious about expansion.

– Mark Skinner
Group CEO of SSA Group
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