Safeguard your business with Aurora: A revolutionary management liability insurance platform

Jessica Cutten L4 CIM

In the current dynamic business environment, challenges like economic uncertainties, the pandemic, and regulatory scrutiny make businesses more vulnerable. From economic uncertainties to pandemic challenges, Aurora offers a lifeline, assisting businesses and management in confidently navigating risks.

Introducing Aurora, your gateway to affordable business insurance.

We are thrilled to introduce Aurora, a ground-breaking platform offering simple and affordable business insurance. For the first time, you can purchase AXA’s UK leading management liability insurance online at Aurora Insurance.

Our partnership with Aurora is founded on a shared commitment to enhancing the resilience of businesses in the face of today’s multifaceted challenges. By offering AXA’s management liability insurance through this innovative platform, we aim to empower businesses like your to navigate uncertainties with confidence.

Key Product Highlights:

  • Support against all UK regulators, investigations, and prosecutions.
  • Standing cover for various claims under Employment practice liability and Company legal liability sections.
  • Coverage for Brexit, tax investigation, Restrictive Covenant, property dispute, and Third-Party fraud.

Included Legal Support and Access to rradar:

  • Expert legal, regulatory, and proactive risk management advice.
  • Legal Advice Line for 1:1 guidance, including an out-of-hours crisis line.
  • Digital risk management tools, including downloadable legal and risk templates, checklists, guidance documents, and incident recording platform.
  • Stay tuned for Aurora’s extended product offering, including property insurance and commercial combined coverage.

Secure your business’s future with Aurora – where simplicity meets comprehensive protection.

Feel free to get in touch with us to explore how our partnership with Aurora can benefit and protect your business.

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